IMANews: Eid Ul Milad Un Nabi – 17th Rabi ul Awwal 1440 AH, November 25th, 2018

Assalamu alaykum,

We look forward to celebrating the birthday of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWWS) on Sunday November 25th, 2018.


Here is our program for the evening:

Time Scheduled Item
04:45 PM
Salaat ul Maghrebain
05:05 PM
Open with the Qur’an
05:15 PM
05:20 PM
Prophet Muhammad SAW – Everlasting inspiration for mankind
05:55 PM
06:00 PM
Potluck dinner


We invite reciters and speakers to share their poetry and thoughts on how our beloved Prophet inspires us today. Please e-mail if you want to recite or present.


For potluck dinner please coordinate with Sr. Kaniz Khaki (