IMANews: 26 Rabi-ul-Awwal 1440 AH / December 4 2018

Assalamu alaykum,

This is a special announcement for this week’s program at the IMAN Center.


Thursday evening program

In our efforts to improve the Qur’an recitation proficiency of Sunday school students, we are pleased to introduce a successfully piloted and implemented new Qur’an teaching method and syllabus designed Syed Rizwan Muhammad Rizvi. Everyone at IMAN is invited to learn of this new Quran syllabus and method at an introductory session on Thursday December 6th, 2018. Syed Rizwan, who has recently moved to Seattle from Australia, has been teaching Qur’an for 10 years and has designed this course especially for English speakers. The course simplifies complexities found in traditional methods of teaching Quran. It also provides parents the tools to help their children follow the new syllabus at home. The introductory session has a special focus on equipping parents to help their children with pronunciation. Here is a sneak peak of the course.

8:00 PM

Salaat ul Isha

Main Prayer Hall

South Room

8:15 PM

Dua e Kumail

Introduction to Quran syllabus and method

By Syed Rizwan Muhammad Rizvi

8:35 PM

Ziyarat e Waritha

8:45 PM


9:00 PM



Friday program

Starting Friday December 7th, 2018, in response to community member requests, we will pilot a weekly Dua e Nudba program to start one hour before the Jumu’ah prayer.

11:00 AM

Dua e Nudba

12:01 AM


12:15 AM

Jumu’ah Khutbah

12:35 AM

Salaat ul Jumu’ah

12:45 AM

Salaat ul Asr

12:55 AM

Ziyarat for Friday

1:00 PM



Saturday IMAN AGM

Another reminder that 2018 IMAN Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Saturday December 8th, 2018 at 4:45 PM. We look forward to all Members participating in the deliberations as we continue our efforts to build a spiritually vibrant, caring and sharing community in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

4:45 PM

Maghreb Prayer

5:00 PM

Review and Approval of 2017 AGM minutes

5:10 PM

Matters arising from 2017 AGM minutes

5:25 PM

Review of 2018 Annual Report of Activities and recommendations for 2019

6:00 PM

Break and Refreshments

6:15 PM

Isha Prayer

6:30 PM

Review of 2017/2018 Finances and budget for 2019

6:45 PM

Nomination of the Executive Committee for 2019

7:00 PM

Any other business

7:15 PM