IMANews: Sha’ban 1440 AH / April 2019


As salaamu alaikum



Crescent Moon for the Month of Sha’ban 1440 AH

There were no verified sightings of the crescent moon by the naked eye at sunset on Friday April 5th, 2019 in any region of North America.

Saturday, April 6th, 2019 was last day of the month of Rajab, 1440 A.H. and Sunday April 7th, 2019, was the first day of the month of Rajab, 1440 A.H. for us in the Greater Seattle area.

Important Islamic events this month

Date AH

Date AD


1 Shaban

April 7

1st day of Shaban

3 Shaban

April 9

Birth Anniversary of Imam Hussain ibn Ali (p), (Year 3 A.H.)

4 Shaban

April 10

Birth Anniversary of Abu Fadl al-Abbas (p), (Year 26 A.H.)

5 Shaban

April 11

Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali ibn Hussain (p), (Year 38 A.H.)

15 Shaban

April 21

Birth Anniversary of Imam al-Mahdi (p), (Year 255 A.H.)


We ask Allah, the Most High, for success in performing good deeds and hasten the Return of Our Master, Imam Mahdi (AJTF).


Sha’ban Program


Dhurain and Maghrebain at 15th minute mark that coincides with or that follows the prayer time whichever is later

Thursday April 4

7:00 PM Qur’an class

8:00 PM Salaat ul Maghrebain

8:30 PM Dua Kumail

8:55 PM Ziyarat e Waritha

9:05 PM Refreshments

Thursday April 11


7:00 PM Qur’an class

8:15 PM Salaat ul Maghrebain

8:45 PM Dua Kumail

9:10 PM Ziyarat e Waritha

9:20 PM Refreshments

Thursday April 18, 25


7:00 PM Qur’an class

8:00 PM Dua Kumail

8:30 PM Salaat ul Maghrebain

8:55 PM Ziyarat e Waritha

9:05 PM Refreshments

Every Friday in April

12:45 PM Dua Nudba

  1:15 PM Salaat ul Jumu’ah

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Wiladat celebration of Imam Hussain (p), Hazrat Abbas (p) and Imam Zayn-Al-Abedin (p)

8:10 PM Salaat ul Maghrebain

8:30 PM Open with Qur’an

8:35 PM Nasheed

8:45 PM Presentation by Br. Wissam Bazzi

9:30 PM Refreshments and Wrap-up

Friday, April 19th, 2019 Youth program for the

Wiladat celebration of Imam Mahdi (p)

8:21 PM Salaat ul Maghrebain

8:45 PM Open with Qur’an

8:50 PM Speeches / Youth Presentations

9:00 PM Presentation by & Discussion with Shaikh Hussain Nashed

9:45 PM Refreshments and Wrap-up

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Wiladat celebration of Imam Mahdi (p) and potluck

6:00 PM Pot luck Dinner

7:00 PM Open with Qur’an

7:05 PM Nasheed

7:20 PM Presentation by & Discussion with Shaikh Hussain Nashed

8:21 PM Salaat ul Maghrebain

8:45 PM Duas and a’amal for eve of 15th of Sha’ban

9:15 PM Refreshments and Wrap-up


Wiladat celebration of Imam Hussain (p), Hazrat Abbas (p) and Imam Zayn-Al-Abedin (p)

Our speaker for the Wiladat celebration of Imam Hussain (p), Hazrat Abbas (p) and Imam Zayn-Al-Abedin  (p) is Br. Wissam Bazzi.


Br. Wissam is a recognized training expert in coaching Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing. He works with high level executives in life and business planning and also develops curriculums for companies who are improving staff in management and leadership positions. He also works in operations departments to support and grow a team of professionals who manage the day to day operations of sales campaigns implemented across the U.S on behalf of its clients that include AT&T, Direct Energy and Comcast.


Wissam’s studied neuropsychology at the University of Michigan. His national motivational speaking and performance coaching career has allowed him to share the stage with the likes of Les Brown, Jairek Robbins and David Goggins. He has been featured on TeDx and in 2019 has been nominated to speak at the corporate headquarters of Amazon. He is coached and endorsed by Les Brown.


Br. Wissam will be presenting on the following topics:

    • The four languages of communication and how Imam Hussain (p) applied all four to convey the message.
    • Honesty vs. rationalization. The concept of cognitive dissonance and how it relates to supplication. Imam Zayn-al-Abedin (p) taught us that supplication is the key to emotional richness.
  • The battle of karbala and the principles used by Hazrat Abbas (p): Courage, discipline, and determination.


Wiladat celebration of Imam Mahdi (p)

Br. Hussain Al-Nashed, a dynamic speaker from London, England will be our guest speaker for the Wiladat celebration of Imam Mahdi (atfs).  Br. Al-Nashed’s primary focus will be on contemporary issues facing the Muslims in the West, drawing on examples from the 14 Infallibles on how we can coexist with others in peace & harmony.


Br. Al-Nashed will be speaking on the topic of ‘Seeds of Hope’: Growth During the Occultation of The Mahdi (atfs).  He will be addressing the issue of discourse on the growth of the Shia community in the time of Occultation and where do we go from here? Is it enough that we just wait for the Imam? Do we have a mapped-out path which we can draw from the Quran and Prophetic Traditions? How do we, as US citizens and citizens of a Global Village fit in to the bigger picture?


Br. Hussain Al-Nashed has spoken at universities and academic institutions in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe as well as Australia and the USA.  He is actively involved in a number of charity works including propagation of Islam in South Africa, visiting poor and disenfranchised regions in America, as he strongly believes this is where Social Islam is needed most. In addition to his other work, Brother Al-Nashed regularly hosts a number of drug and alcohol counseling workshops, and has a focus in Islamic family values and premarital relationships.


New hot water system

Alhamdulillah our failed hot water tank has been replaced with a new tankless hot water system at a cost of around $9,139 March 11, 2019.    So far we have received donations totaling $2,100.00 towards the new system. We appeal to all to donate generously to help us cover this expense. We all depend on and benefit from hot water and the HVAC systems @ IMAN!


Parking Lot Usage

Starting April 1, 2019, IMAN Center parking lot will be utilized as a Park & Ride stop for Amazon employees between 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM. This will help generate revenue for IMAN to help cover some of the operational expenses.   During these hours please utilize parking stalls across the Church on 5th Ave and to the North of the IMAN Center.


IMAN Scholar Achievement Award

IMAN Executive Committee is pleased to announce the establishment of an annual IMAN Scholar Achievement Award for the outstanding student from IMAN Member household who has demonstrated academic excellence and also provided consistent multi-year exemplary service to the IMAN community.  Nominations for this award are invited to be submitted by May 1, 2019. IMAN Scholar for 2019 will recognized on Shawwal 1, 1440 AH (June 5th, 2019).


Nomination deadline:

May 1st, 2019


    1. Academic Excellence (Need supporting documents from school)
    1. IMAN Sub-committee Service recommendation from lead.
  1. Parents must be members of IMAN in good standing on May 1st, 2019

Award Ceremony: 

After Eid-ul-Fitr Prayer Shawwal 1, 1440 AH (June 5th, 2019).


Youth Group

We had around 30 kids (10 and above), who participated in the icebreaker event for the new IMAN Youth Group held on Sunday, March 31st. After more deliberation the Youth leaders and their adult counterparts have decided to raise the age limit to 12 +. They want to start at a smaller level and then span out, so anyone 12 years or older is welcome to join. Hopefully we will be able to start something on these lines for 8-12 age group too, shortly. The basic intention is to give our youth a platform to:

    1. Shape their thoughts/ideas into constructive activity, like community service
    1. Organize and lead groups and forums and develop leadership skills
    1. Have candid discussions around the issues relevant to them in today’s environment and the challenges they face
  1. Have fun

This group will be managed and run by the youth with the support from the adult leadership team. They can engage with the parents core group for support on logistics and coordination with IMAN EC. Ali khaki and the rest of the adult leadership team is happy to help support them in this manner. Please reach out to Ali khaki ( or Nafisa Jassani (, if you want to be a part of this group and participate in the events that will be planned. Please share your mobile no too, if you want to be included in the WhatsApp group.

Adult leadership team:

Ali Khaki, Mustafa Jafari, Mariyam Raza, Nafeesa Jassani, Aysar Khalid, Rabab Abidi

Youth leadership team:

    • Community building – Aliya Jumma & Zaina Rizvi
    • Contemporary Issues – Alizeh, Meraj and Saif
    • Fundraising – Insiya and Hamza
    • Community Service – Kamil
  • Faith Based Activity – We need someone to lead this group

Next steps:

The Adult leadership team to have a follow-up meeting with the core youth leaders possibly the weekend of 4/12-14 and they could begin to plan these events:

    • Guest Speaker: Nafisa had mentioned that the speaker coming for the 15th of Shabaan on April 19 has expressed interest in doing youth focused activities so it could be an opportunity to have either a youth Q&A or youth debate since the latter had a lot of interest. We could discuss this further with Alizeh, Meraj, Saif and Zaina since it is overlap between both these groups.
    • Board Game Night: The adult and youth leadership team to coordinate and organize a games night in Ramadan as a possible first social activity. Please pull in the parents to help where needed as we would need to figure out a date, logistics around timing especially given iftar is so late, etc.
  • Volunteering @ the Episcopal Church: I will work with BR. Abbas Kazimi to figure out the logistics of this event. The date will be 4/27. Please let me know who is interested in participating.

Opportunity to learn conversational English

We are very pleased to announce  Mariam Kazmi an 8th grader and a valued IMAN Sunday School participant is helping children develop fluency in  conversational English.  She needs our help connecting with refugees who may benefit from these classes.  Please click link for further details.


Volunteering opportunities during Sha’ban

Please bring snacks to share for programs on Friday April 12th, 2019 12th and Friday April 19th, 2019


April 20th will be a potluck and we need volunteer for set-up and clean-up as well as food items to bring.  Please click sign-up to select what you can bring and how you can help out.

Weekly Qur’an Class

We express our appreciation and deepest gratitude to Br. Syed Rizwan Muhammad Rizvi who continues to offer a successfully piloted and implemented new Qur’an teaching method designed especially for English speakers. The course simplifies complexities found in traditional methods of teaching Quran. It also provides parents the tools to help their children follow the new syllabus at home. Click  here for preview of the course.


Sunday School

Student progress reports were provided to parents who registered for Parents/Teacher conference that took place on March 10, 2019.  We hope every parent and student  will follow-up to receive the valuable feedback if not already done.  As we enter the final stretch of the 2018/2019 Sunday school year, this is a good time for parents and students to review goals they set for the year and work with the teachers on a plan to achieve them.


Sr. Mahdie is working with IMAN Programs Committee and other Sunday School teachers to plan and schedule a Qur’an conference for children and young adults that will take place towards the end of Ramadhan 1440 AH. Stay tuned for details and please provide any suggestions to Sr. Mahdie.


We are pleased to welcome Sr. Noor Al Uloom who has been sharing inspirations from the Qur’an during assembly.  Parents are requested to be live up to the commitment for punctual and consistent attendance to ensure smooth Sunday School operation and not have their children miss out.


Social Services

We help families approaching IMAN for assistance with their immediate needs (e.g. rent and utilities) and guide them with finding employment when needed.  Families are encouraged to work with organizations close to their place of residence. This month rent assistance was provided to 2 families – both requests were from Al Mahdi Center and both related to health issues with main household wage earner.


IMAN Executive Committee has recognized that the small social service subcommittee volunteer base cannot sustain the growing number of people who seek financial help from IMAN. Further, people who find themselves in difficult life situations are often in need of more assistance to get back on their feet than the small financial assistance that is provided.  It is for this reason, those applying for assistance to IMAN are now first redirected to contact centers which are in closer proximity to the aid applicant.  By doing so, we hope with time to grow the social service volunteer base that can come to assist people in difficult financial or health situations and also tap into a broader donor pool. 


The community dinners in collaboration with St. John’s Episcopal Church are continuing last Saturday of every month.  We are looking for 6-8 dedicated IMAN volunteers on a regular and committed basis.  Around this core group we can proceed with our plan to offer an additional, IMAN led, 2nd Saturday of the month dinner at St. Johns.  Those who would like to get started and commit their time on a regular basis please send e-mail to 


Please note that IMAN does not accept donation items (clothing, food, household items) for Social Services unless the committee specifically asked for them or coordinated the pick-up with the donors. There are several other local organizations that will gladly accept such donations on regular basis, including:


Muharram Blood Drive


And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely

Surat Al-M?’idah 5:32


To give back to our wonderful community in the Seattle area, and to follow the sacrifice example of our beloved IMAM Hussain, his family and companions, IMAN Center is again organizing a blood drive this coming Muharram on Friday Sep. 6th 2019 with Bloodworks Northwest at the center.


In order for us to finalize the bookings for this event, we need at least 20 – 25 people to commit to donate so that we can reserve a timeslot with Bloodworks Northwest team. 


To commit you should:

    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Be In good health at the moment having had no illnesses in past 3+ years related to blood.
    • Not taking medications like blood thinners other than baby aspirin
    • Have had no implants, grafts or tattoo in the past 1 year. This includes dental grafts.
  • Have not traveled to countries where Malaria is endemic, e.g.: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the far east in past one year nor had malaria in past 3 years.


If you like to commit to the blood drive, please email:  with your name and your phone number or click Sign-up for Muharram Blood Drive


Community Service Credits

Members of the congregation who need community service credits are required to make arrangements in advance for any service provided to IMAN for which credit will be requested. Service credit certification will only be provided for eligible activities for which prior arrangement have been made and only after the eligible service have been satisfactorily completed. No exceptions will be made.