Visiting IMAN

IMAN programs are open to all and we encourage everyone to attend the programs to come and learn more about Islam and IMAN. 

We get asked what would be appropriate attire to attend events at IMAN.  Islam calls both men and women to dress modestly, to cover themselves conservatively.  What we refer to as “business casual” (arms and legs covered and no deep-cut shirt-fronts) generally is appropriate. If you have never been to an Islamic house of worship before, you may appreciate knowing that it is customary to remove one’s shoes upon entering the building and for women to cover their hair with a scarf.   (Sometimes we have had to make arrangements to provide extra scarves for anyone who forgets to bring or does not have one.  Let us know if this will be necessary.)

It is not customary for men and women to shake hands with persons of opposite gender when they greet each other. 

Traditionally, people sit on the floor in an Islamic prayer hall, but we have chairs available for those who need them. 

Our building is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know before if there are any special wheelchair friendly seating needs.