Social Services

Feed the hungry

Whether it is cooking dinner at local homeless shelters or bringing food to the Tent City, our volunteers are committed to doing our part to reduce hunger.

We also maintain a Food Store Room for non-perishable foods at the IMAN facility that can be used by anyone in need.

Help the needy

Apply for financial / in-kind assistance

We offer need-based financial or in-kind assistance to people from the Greater Seattle region for humanitarian reasons.

Other social work

Our volunteers often collaborate with other non-profit organizations so we can help more people.

There are lots of ways to help!

Give time Sign up to volunteer to cook dinner for the homeless
Give resources Support the Food Store Room by donatiing gift cards to local grocery stores
Give money Donate finances via a check made out to IMAN
Give hope Pray for the families and the people we work with – they need our prayers!

More information

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