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IMANews: Rabīʿ al-awwal 1442 AH, Oct-Nov 2020

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum / Peace be upon you!

Crescent Moon Rabīʿ al-awwal 1442 AH

Based on verified sightings of the crescent moon on the evening of Saturday, October 17th, 2020 in Orlando and Miami, FL, Sunday October 18th, 2020 is the 1st day of Rabīʿ al-awwal 1442 AH for us in Greater Seattle.

We ask God, the Most High, for success in performing good deeds and to hasten the Return of Our Master, Imam Mahdi (p) as we also pray to God, the Most Merciful, to bring a swift end to the current pandemic and grant a quick recovery to all those afflicted.

Important Islamic Events this Month:

Rabīʿ al-awwal Oct/Nov Occasion

8 Oct 25 Wafat of Imam Hasan al-Askari (p), 50 AH

9 Oct 26 Eid e Zehra

12 Oct 29 Arrival of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) to Yathrib city

(al-Madina) marking the start of the Islamic calendar (Hijri).

17 Nov 3 Wiladat of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp), 53 B.H.

17 Nov 3 Wiladat of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (p), 83 A.H.

18 Nov 4 Establishment of Masjid al-Nabi in the city of al-Madina

in the first Hijri year.

Daily and Friday congregational prayers remain suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekly Thursday programs, and wafat commemoration will take place online.

Wiladat celebration and wafat commemoration will be scheduled for the Thursday closest to the event and conducted online in a virtual setting. Please refer to for details.

IMAN Center Restart

After review of COVID-19 Pandemic status, consultation with several community members on Thursday October 15th, 2020, and in light of the infection rate uptick around the world as well here locally, IMAN Executive Committee has decided to continue all is religious services virtually and not resume in person services in Kirkland.

Once again, we appeal to members of congregation to volunteer as we plan to orchestrate a safe re-start and a new normal. Please e-mail if you are willing to volunteer and help with safe re-start.

Sunday School 2020/2021

IMAN Sunday School resumed online classes on September 20th, 2020.

Student attendance, participation and engagement has been good.

Parent Meeting has been scheduled for November

Fostering Interfaith Relationships on the Eastside (FIRE) invites you to the 15th Interfaith Dialogue on Sunday, November 1, 6:30-8:00PM.

The topic for this Dialogue is “Bridging the Divide — How people of faith can address partisan and ideological polarization and help our communities heal”. The event features a panel discussion and small group discussions including people from many world religions including Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Native Americans, Sikhism, Sufism, Unitarianism, Zoroastrianism, and others, and stimulating interfaith discussions among all participants.

Suggested topics for the discussions include Loving each other even if we disagree, Respect for political differences, Civility in online and personal interactions, Being good examples and advocates to lead society at large to a better future, and Justice – racism, bias, privilege, gender, economic, etc..

Most previous FIRE Interfaith Dialogues have included a meal, but due to pandemic social distancing requirements this will be an online-only event. All interested to attended are asked to please register for the event through this link. As the event approaches, all attendees will receive the link to the Zoom conference by email, along with instructions on how to connect online and by phone and how to navigate the conference.

Please consider attending and invite your friends! For more information, please email Please do not use this email to register — instead, go to link.

Supporting those in need

Sister Sidra has reserved several spots to provide meals to the needy at homeless shelters. If you are interested in helping, please contact Sister Sidra Naqvi (425) 273 1463 or e-mail

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