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Afghan Refugee Support Team

As we are aware, with United States operations in Afghanistan coming to an end, thousands of Afghans have been evacuated and are gradually making their way to different parts of the country including here in King County.

In order to help the new incoming Afghan brothers and sisters, a small team of volunteers has been formed to support those who reach out to IMAN for resettlement assistance. This team will process in coming cases, spend time to assist with resettlement and connect new arrivals to other support groups as necessary. For questions or support please contact the following volunteers in regards to the Afghan refugee resettlement.

R. Hamid Faizi (601) 291-9445

Mariam Kazmi (425) 318-2178

Hayatullah Hyder (206) 450-9047

We will need and we welcome more volunteers to help our displaced brothers and sisters get acclimated to the new culture and environment. If you are in a position to help and would like to volunteer, please e-mail:

IMAN Center has allocated a small amount to support the Afghan Refugee resettlement efforts. However, we will very likely need more to help given the number of people resettling in King County. Please donate online with designation to Afghan Refugee support.

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