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IMANews: Protecting ourselves from COVID-19

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

IMAN Executive Committee, after careful consideration and consultation, has decided to exercise abundance of caution and suspend all congregational activities until further notice.

Our community has higher than normal risk profile:

- break-out in Kirkland

- significant contact with outside world given that Amazon, Costco, Microsoft, etc. are headquartered here as well as sizable (in several tens of thousands) presence of Google. Facebook, Boeing etc. employees - all of which have higher than normal contact with the outside world

- sizable Iranian community as well as Shia pilgrims who have been to Iran for pilgrimage

Medical community and public health officials are still trying to get a handle on this epidemic.

Please refer to CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - A Guide for Communities prepared by NASIMCO in effort to increase safety and awareness in our community centers.

Just to be clear, we do not have any reported cases of illness. We are just exercising abundance of caution.

We will keep the community informed and use on-line services to stay in touch.

Our thoughts and prayers in the spiritual season are with all those affected and for all of us to be protected.

With salaam and duas,

IMAN Executive Committee

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