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Weekly Friday (Jumu'ah) Prayer Resuming June 25, 2021

As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum / Peace be upon you!

Alhamdulillah given the progress made on COVID-19 vaccinations, we are pleased to announce the resumption of Weekly Friday (Jumu'ah) Prayer starting June 25, 2021.

We invite those who have received their vaccination to register for the in person Weekly Friday (Jumu'ah) Prayer using the link: register.

Those who register to attend will be required to upload their vaccination card if they have not already done so using the link: upload vaccination card.

Also, on the day of the event before coming to the IMAN Center a health waiver form needs to be completed at least one hour prior to the time of the event using the link: Health Waiver.

All attendees must pre-register in advance.

Social distancing and masking guidelines need to be followed when at IMAN.

Everyone's understanding and cooperation is requested on procedures established for the safety and protection of all.

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